Doll Crafting

The making of dolls

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A doll is typically a model of a human being, which can come in many different styles and has been made out of a wide range of different materials over the years. From classical pot dolls to the more frequently seen plastic Barbie dolls visible in most toy stores today, dolls have become a common sight in many homes around the world.

History of dolls

Traditionally, dolls have been used in religious rituals, as well as rituals with more magical purposes (such as voodoo dolls). Traditional dolls were made out of materials, such as clay and wood, often being found around the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. The earliest recordings of dolls being made date back to ancient times, such as Egypt and Greece. The doll manufacturing we are more used to today, with mass production, dates back to 15th century Germany. It was during the 20th century that the popularity of collecting dolls grew significantly and became a significant market.

What is doll crafting?

Whilst large manufacturers of dolls often target children with wide ranges of dolls and different accessories to be used as toys, there's a growing trend of getting crafty with doll collections. Doll crafting is a way of using your own two hands to create clothes and other accessories for dolls, as well as giving the dolls makeovers with various wigs and maybe even applying different makeup to the face etc. Doll crafting is being seen as a fun, and often cheap, way of gaining new accessories and creating different looks for dolls and is often done by children when they are playing. With doll crafting, anything is possible and it allows for uniqueness and creativity.